Word-of-mouth trumps every other form of publicity. Thus, our experience has taught us to have ONE clear over-riding priority – client delight. Consequently, to deliver delight, we go much deeper than mere metrics such as speed, volume, and efficiency. At IMTS, we are consistently persistent in pursuing the right resolution of EVERY single individual transaction.

IMTS has based its steady growth on 24x7 fail-safe performance. We guarantee – by SLA – to be a fully-integrated and smoothly-running component in your impressive system of healthcare and insurance services. We, therefore, facilitate your organization in streamlining and focusing precious resources – including time and attention – on delighting end-customers and other stakeholders.

IMTS enables your organization to empower your talent with both the time and the peace of mind necessary for them to anticipate needs and to fully and proactively discharge their duty with the alacrity and patience necessary.


Modular flexibility can be considered a de-facto standard today. Recognizing this, IMTS’s pricing schemes allow your organization to choose a compatible blend of our services. This allows your organization to precisely harness and leverage the expertise and efficiency of IMTS, and consequently, to amplify Return on Investments (ROI).

IMTS is ready to respond rapidly to your changing needs. From Accounts and Claims to MIS and Operations and many things in between, besides, and beyond – practically any business process in your region that your organization can use – our modular flexibility puts them all at your beck and call.

According to our research, by engaging the attention and efforts of many members of your various teams, different issues can cause quite a lot of delays and losses – including lost opportunities. Continually monitoring several hundred parameters in order to maintain perpetual situational awareness, IMTS senses and proactively heads off potential issues – thus reducing delays and losses and, in turn, further amplifying ROI.


IMTS has developed a niche for itself in providing outsourcing solutions for Health Insurance management and support services. IMTS has a proven track record of considerable cost reduction for its clients. IMTS has all the expertise to service wide range of clients which include Insurance companies, Third Party Administrators, Insurance Broking firms, International Assistance companies, Corporate.


The management of member data is the central need of all organizations whether you are an Insurer, a TPA, Hospital or a Corporation managing Self Funded Scheme for insurance requirements. Understandably, we dedicate a sizeable portion of our resources in order to maintain our clouded triple-redundant systems, co-located in digital fortresses in geographically disparate regions – rock-solid infrastructure that has been built from the ground up to be highly accurate, always available, and hyper-secure.

We implement tight integration of our systems with your organization's specific membership and identity management infrastructure and thereby assist in freeing your talent to focus on delivering innovative and delightful membership services that boost your ROI.

Further, we continually invest in maintaining and improving our proprietary smart software applications that have been programmed in-house with logic that reflects our intimate knowledge of and our substantial experience with insurance practices and policies.

Our systems, therefore, allow us to quickly import your data – in a variety of soft formats – then analyze & assimilate the data and consequently allow us perform a burgeoning range of very high-standard services.


Our technical and medical experts have deployed rapidly responsive systems that allow us to efficiently accomplish claims and medical management services for members enrolled under various benefit plans. Our systems deftly deal with very large volumes of claims and allow for specialist services such as customizing a claims database for each of your clients.

IMTS can either use client's existing software to process claims, or use its own software and submit – in the required format(s) – output files which can then be directly ported into client's existing software.


Cash flow is – without a doubt – the lifeblood of any organization, and a major underpinning-enabler of today's advanced medical services.

Leave it to us at IMTS - our highly proficient accounts & finance team provides a wide-ranging spectrum of tailor-made financial management services – from critical-detail operations such as

  • Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Float Fund Management
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Settlement process


Today's healthcare payers face a rapidly changing market and intense competition—both driven by consumers who are demanding more flexible products, increased transparency, and better service. To survive and succeed, payers find themselves forced to adopt new business models and develop competencies in areas such as member empowerment and provider collaboration.

Record to report – Operations – forms an integral part of any business process model. From Inward, to outward of the claims, this team ensures complete tracking and updates at each level defined in the communications matrix, to provide the transparency & better service which is the basic prerequisite now.

Customer Relationship Management Contact Center
  • E Mail
  • Chat
  • Voice
Query Management


  • Alerts
  • Analytics
  • MIS & Reporting
  • Integration


IMTS has experience of providing outsourcing support to Healthcare Service Provider clients like Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostics centres. We at IMTS, believe that Providers should concentrate on their core expertise which is providing best medical care to its patients, leaving the administrative responsibilities to deal with payers with IMTS. Outsourced solutions provided by IMTS help providers to reduce their rejection ratio with payers and adds lot of value to business the relationship.

  • Medical Billing & Coding
  • Medical Adjudication
  • Claims Audit
  • Denial & Query Resolution
  • Payments Reconciliation